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Aire Greenberg
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Our family has been part of the American Karate Institute for almost five years now. It all began with one of our children, and few years later, our other two kids also joined in. This journey has been nothing short of amazing. The classes have not only helped our children develop skills but also built their confidence. The instructors are exceptional, and we as a family enjoy all the activities they offer. The staff shows genuine concern and care, as they check up on us when our children miss their classes through emails or phone calls. We appreciate the whole team, from the administration to the instructors, for their dedication and support. We are happy to continue being part of the American Karate Institute.

Lupe Montes
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My daughter has been attending karate at AKI for about a year and a half and the difference in her confidence level is outstanding. She has always been more sensitive and now she has the confidence to be herself. We noticed big changes as soon as she started karate. At AKI they are beyond professional and caring, the kids have fun and the instructors are amazing. I have nothing but good things to say. It was one of the best decisions we made for her!

Albert Diaz
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I highly recommend everyone to take their child to American Karate Institute. It's a family owned business and they truly treat their students like family. My son Sebastián is always excited to train and truly looks forward to participating in class.

Myriam Polo
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American Karate Institute (AKI) has is down to a science… students work hard to earn their belts, Sensei’s are warm (yet stern), & the school’s philosophy is one to abide by! AKI has a genuine interest in their students with occasional emails with videos, individualized attention when needed, & opportunities for fun (like parent workshops, party nights, & their annual picnic). Thank you, AKI, for your dedication to our son & community ❤️🥋

Vanessa Picart
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This school is amazing. Sensei Lipsky is great working with the kids. The classes are fun and promote positivity, encouragement, and respect. They take the time to make sure students have the correct form and technique. They also host family picnics and events throughout the year. Family atmosphere I highly recommend AKI.

Yaneys Mendive
via Google

I'm not one for writing reviews not for a lack of opinion but never seem to get around to it. I honestly set a reminder on my phone everyday to write a review for AKI since the first day my son age 4 participated in a free martial arts class and he loved it. He was attentive and wanting to return immediately. The AKI in my opinion is a fantastic place for martial arts for all ages. Especially the little ones. Owners and instructors have great positive energy makes going to classes super fun and exciting. My son & I rate AKI 10 stars but they only allow 5.

Annie Perera
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Our son has been going to AKI since April. Since starting, I have seen him blossom in skill and passion for martial arts. He has improved across the board with his behavior and discipline. I am grateful for this school that incorporates the success of their students not only in the class but in all the aspects of the students life. I highly recommend this school and I am grateful to be a part of the AKI family!

Monica Torres
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We love AKI! My son really enjoys attending classes and has asked to reenroll for another year after our membership expired. The staff and the instructors are great, respectful and really focus on providing quality techniques for students. We have noticed an increase in my son’s confidence as he levels up from belt to belt mastering each level, board breaks etc. AKI and Sensei Lipski provide a positive and safe environment for all.

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Just wanted to give an update on the experience we have had with American Karate Institute. My daughter has now been involved with AKI for about 3 months. The transformation I have seen in her is nothing short of a miracle. She started the program as a very shy person who was unsure of herself and who would get frustrated and give up when things got tough. The person she is today is the complete opposite. She has become very open, outgoing and, most importantly, very respectful. She loves her instructors. No matter now tired she is from school, she still wants to go to Karate and make us and her instructors proud. The instructors are AMAZING. They are true role models in my child's life. Many years ago, I was blessed to be in her same position being a student of American Karate Institute. It changed my life forever. I am so blessed that those who was able to change my life, are the same instructors who are guiding my daughter onto the same path of success. I want to personally thank all the staff at AKI for the amazing job they do. The lessons they teach goes way beyond techniques in martial arts. They also teach the students and the parents the spirituality behind martial arts and how to become a better person.

Ivan Novillo
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My son is now a green belt and he's loved this school since day 1 that he did the free try-out. Can't wait for my 4 y/o to be a little older so that he can also join!
Great ethics and very professional, would recommend to anyone!

Kelsey Lyons-Cubito
via Google

Happy to see that a family business like this is flourishing in our community for many many years, my brother went here in the 90s and now to have my son join last May is beyond special. Words are not enough to explain the excitement and eagerness my son exudes when it's a karate day at AKI Miami! He is learning knew skills each week and challenging himself to be better inside and out. His mentors are beyond caring, passionate, patient and treat him like family.

Daymi S. Reyes-Perez
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The American Karate Institute provides an exceptional MMA experience. From skilled instructors to a welcoming atmosphere, the studio combines effective training with a strong sense of community. The dedication to fostering both physical and mental strength sets this studio apart, making it a top choice for those seeking a well-rounded martial arts experience for your kids.

M. G.
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My son has been attending AKI going on 3 years. I cannot think of a better place to teach my son martial arts. What’s so impressive to me is the attention to detail placed with all level of students. There is a focus to teach the kids the foundation of martial arts. An emphasis on discipline, bravery, and courage that instills a level of confidence with the students. AKI has a family atmosphere, with an excellent martial arts program.

Jackie Oliva
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Aki Miami is the best choice out there when it comes to MMA training for Children. This place is family owned and operated. Super clean. The staff is phenomenal with the children. They are interested in teaching and they take their time in explaining and demonstrating all the techniques. I’m super happy I was referred here and my son is excited for every class. Looking forward to seeing my son grow with the school!

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What an amazing team! 👏 our kids not just learn high quality defence skills but also life lessons! Thank you! So happy we found you! …

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